It was a fateful day on the North Shore of Kauai when Ellie and Nani discovered they shared the same dream. Only having met earlier that year, the fast friends found themselves walking Hanalei Bay and chatting about future plans until one of them uttered a, "Wait, what? It's MY dream to open an organic yogurt shop on Kauai!". They decided it couldn't have just been coincidence that brought them together on this tiny island with the shared vision of bringing a delicious, healthy, organic treat that families and friends could all enjoy. A few months after that winter walk, they found themselves drawing up businesses plans and looking for a shop to rent. In March 2017 they celebrated their grand opening and have been putting together crazy, healthy, delectable "Kauai style" bowls and smoothies ever since! They strive every day to build their company on the values of integrity, inclusion and empowerment and bring just a little bit of fun, sunshine and deliciousness to all their wonderful local and visiting customers.


Nani Lane

Born and raised on Kauai, Nani expanded on her island girl roots by living, learning and exploring all over the world. When she was finally ready to move back home, she deepened her passion for all things culinary (and definitely sweet) and continued managing and working in the food service industry here on Kauai before opening "The Spot". 

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Ellie Marcus

Originally hailing from New York City, Ellie was also greatly influenced by her summers and years spent in Israel and living overseas. She worked in marketing and small business management and when she decided to give up city living for the "easy" life of sun and surf on Kauai, she quickly found herself drawn right back to the action and took it all on with Nani to open "The Spot".

Receiving the keys to our shop! Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!

Receiving the keys to our shop! Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!